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About Lodgeroom International It is important to first and foremost declare that Lodgeroom International is not an official voice for, of or on behalf of Freemasonry! At all times it is attempted to provide legitimate, factual information from credible sources or thoughts and opinions from those regarded as having a great understanding of Freemasonry as a whole.

It is also important to note that the author of this site IS a Freemason, under the United Grand Lodge of England. However it would please the author that it be known that all attempt has been made to offer an unbiased opinion and/or reflection on all aspects and areas of this site. There is of course elements where there are official statements, points and opinions, so to save confusion and where it is felt best for those seeking information these have been used as the initial source.

However, the author of the site will also place personal opinion on some matters, to give you not only the "Official" word, but also the thoughts, feelings and interpretations of those actually within Freemasonry. These have been seperated from the general site content, but where there is a personal opinion, interpretation or similar there will be an info block on the right of the page where, if you so wish, you can see the actual words Freemasons. An example is on this page. The simple idea behind the creation of Freemasonry Universal is plain, open, honest, free and frank information, not from an official spokesperson, not from a words-smith, not from self-promoting groups, but from individuals who are kind enough to share their own personal experiences, teachings and understanding of Freemasonry alongside the same of the site creator.

Site visitors are also welcome to submit their own opinions, which will be treated in the same manner. With visitor comments in particular, and dependant on what topic, inclusion is not guaranteed but only due to content, insults, blatent lies, or similar unsavoury actions will be left off. Freemasonry Universal will provide the pro and con opinions, show the arguements of those who oppose as well as champion, and for the benefit of the undecided also share what they believe to be from actual, personal, dealings and involvement in Freemasonry.

We hope to provide you the visitor with all the information you could want and more. So if there is something you want to read about, locate on the web, and it is not listed here, please drop us a line and we will be only too happy to include it.

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